Why Brand Storytelling should be the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy

Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling – Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy. That’s right. From a very young age we have grown up listening and loving stories from our parents and grandparents, and as we grew older, we have become more responsive to the tales and anecdotes. Successful brands are capitalizing on this nostalgia factor by injecting the art of storytelling into their marketing strategy to tap into people’s emotions.

A brand needs to resonate with its audience to not only succeed but also to stay relevant to one’s personal lives. The more intimate a brand can get with its customers, the deeper connection will be forged. And the art of storytelling is a key in that aspect.

The way the companies used to tell stories to their audience has changed in the past decade or so. No longer is it done purely through advertising or journalistic producing articles. No not anymore. Today a brand narrative is more probably than not is told through the various social media platforms like Instagram available on the market today.


Authenticity matters the most to your Audience

As Geoff Mead, founder of Narrative Leadership Associates aptly points out in his book ‘Telling the Story – the heart and soul of successful leadership’, a company’s yarn must be authentic and never a sales pitch. It must be based on reality, even if the marketers embellish it a bit with a healthy drop of creativity in it.

Authenticity in a brand is attractive to audiences – but most importantly it is refreshing, especially in today’s market for fake endorsement and advertisement. Your brand is an extension of you and storytelling is the perfect platform for your brand’s authenticity to shine through.


Brand Storytelling sets you apart from your Competition

In the words of Mark Truby, Vice President of Ford Europe,” A good story makes you feel something and is universal. People want to buy a car from a company they relate to and they understand. They want to grasp your values and your commitment to excellence; be inspired and intrigues. Brand Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey these ideas.”

We couldn’t agree more. A successful brand, like Ford here, uses storytelling to emphasize the passion it has for its products. And that passion is contagious, not just limited to the owners but to every individual who is attached to Ford in any way.


By hitting the emotional quotient you, just like Ford, will immortalize your brand in the echoes of history and secure the future of your brand at the same time. And brand storytelling is the perfect way to do that. But one needs to be cautious. Hitting the emotional quotient just for the sake of it won’t work, your customers’ will see right through you. Be genuine, honest and real, and they will keep coming back for more.

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