How to Build Brand Trust & Establish Connection with Customers?

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Have you ever wondered what Nike, Adidas to Wendy’s and Coca-Cola have in common? They provide excellent quality for sure, but most importantly they also have a horde of loyal fan following who trust their products and services, unequivocally.


Build Trust, to buildĀ a Brand

Gaining the trust of your clients is one of the most prominent aspects to achieve brand success. Building the trust is not a one day job. And especially nowadays when becoming harder than ever to build brand trust. Corporations and organizations of all sizes are in the news and not exactly for the right reasons. And unfortunately, even the good guys get bundled in with the bad.


Speak to your audience as humanly as possible

It is as important for your Brand’s voice and emotions to be polished & authoritative, but most importantly it has to be as approachable as possible, as humane as possible. When customers think of a brand they think of what it represents, its values and how the brand resonates with them. The more humane your brand’s voice is, the more attracted your clients will be.


Establish a connection with your customers and build brand trust

It has been established that the more interactive a brand is to its customers, the more successful it is overall. And the main causation of is that at the very core human being are a social species. So the business that the best social media conversations with its audience are more than likely to have better visibility and hence to attract more potential clients to it.

In Australia, 63% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to build brandĀ trust that creates a conversation on social media. 59% put an emphasis on content that is consistent, and 44% of people say that the authenticity of this conversation is far more important than the total number of people who are in it.

The more inviting and interactive your social media feed is, the more customers it will attract.


Value Customer Feedback

(Admit your Mistakes and commit to change)More than 80% of today’s consumers rank the opinions of their peers above any product advertisement. From the reviews to some random app at play store to a highly opinionated blog by some user of your product, people are always looking for some feedback of products or service before it themselves. So when you make a mistake, which every brand does at some point, own up to it. Sometimes honesty is the best policy and this commitment to improve will set you apart from every brand’s, especially to your loyal fan base.

Customer Service Request - Studio Winterz

Responding Quickly to Customer Service Requests

This may seem something of a miniscule nature in hindsight but the hassle some customers face for the customer service, even in this digital era, is still something to capitalize upon.

Remember – Without trust, your brand will plateau. It simply cannot grow. Consumers value their time and their money, and will only give both to those to brands that prove their trustworthiness.

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