Building Brands based on Emotions

Brands rest in our hearts and minds. Familiar products are instantly recognizable and understood, triggered in our brains by signals that summon up past experiences and knowledge to guide our choices and purchasing. The favored ones earn our trust and loyalty, often through their rational qualities such as distinct and consistent product performance. Some evoke strong emotions too which influence our behavior and which competitors will struggle to replicate.


Now, What is Branding anyway

Brands based on Emotions. Branding is the process of forming memories, emotions and a relationship with your brand in the consumer’s brain. The goal is to build such a strong connection and such a strong belief that the consumer takes on your brand identity as their own. They use your brand to help define who they are as a person.

Brands like Apple & Google offer the perfect benchmark for building a brand based on the emotions of love and a sense of belonging. They surround consumers with branded experiences that can be shared with other brand loyalists. Their merchandise, online communities, etc are just a few examples of how the brand has created a sense of love and belonging among consumers. It’s a brand strategy that your brand can implement, too.


These sense of belonging, love, and attachment is what we aim to provide in our result. What Studio Winterz aims to do is to build a brand for you with the same attachment, belonging and feeling of love that you have with your brand can be felt by your audiences also. We do that by acting as a bridge between you, market and your audience. We Conceptualize, Visualize & Create Advertising Strategy for effective potential connecting brand communication.Brands based on Emotions


Studio Winterz is a public relations consulting agency, providing fully integrated PR marketing services and creative solutions that build brands. Our team is focused on user experience and provides collaborative work through confidence and engaging methods. We are inspired by people’s stories and addicted to new challenges… Brands based on Emotions

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