How Much Copy Should You Write on Your Homepage?

Landing Page. If you have looked through enough websites you’ll find that most of these websites home page acts as a landing page. They usually minimal to none at all navigation and most of all focused on their main task to get you to sign up to them for regular update or stuff like that.

That’s what they’re designed to do – making them a desirable option for any business that wants its visitors to take one action on the page.

The problem is writing copy for them can be a confusing process and that’s exactly what we going to discuss in this blog post.

So Now we are at it again. How much is enough copy?

This is a complex question which can’t be answered without taking a lot of the things into consideration.

Like what you want your visitors to accomplish on the page, what information they need to make a decision to take action, or how aware they are of the solutions that exist to their problems and the age group of the people you are targeting.Yes, the age group.

People don’t actually read online.

The millennial’s are really point oriented, they want what they want know as quickly as possible.

The Nielsen Norman Group conducted the first study to determine how users read on the web. In their words, “They don’t.” 79% of the people in their study scanned, taking in only bits and pieces of the content on the page.

They tested how manipulating the copy on a particular website would improve users’ ability to perform assigned tasks. They found that by making the copy more scannable, concise and devoid of marketing hype, usability increased by 124%.

Measured usability of improved web copy from Nielsen Norman Group study


The stock answer to the titled question is : It Depends.

The length of the page wouldn’t matter to the user if their targeted content is easier to find.

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