Instagram : The Perfect Creative Platform to Grow your Business


The rapid rise of social media in the past decade has been unparalleled. Around 71% of active internet users are primarily users of social media. That is around 2.46 billion active social media users in 2017 and is expected to grow to 2.77 billion users by the year 2019. That is an astronomical number in any way you look at it. It will come as a no surprise to anyone that brands are quickly jumping on the bandwagon that is the social media juggernaut.

In case you’re an entrepreneur, odds are you’ve officially considered utilizing web-based life showcasing to help get the word out about your business. Indeed, 82 percent of entrepreneurs are utilizing locales like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to help develop their organizations. Also, on the off chance that you are as of yet remaining on the social sidelines, there’s never been a better time to begin. Even in the developing world where internet connectivity is a serious problem, initiatives like are slowly but steadily are building a platform for the future.

Now one would ask why any entrepreneur or a brand, as a matter of fact, be interested in marketing their business through social media. Forgoing the potential that is of tapping into the pool of 2.46 billion active users, most online publicizing is less expensive than customary promotion so one wouldn’t need to spend a considerable amount of money to reach a serious number of audience for your business.

Among all the social media platform Instagram is one of the best if not undoubtedly the best platform to attract the genuine audience to your business. One could make a serious argument for any other social media platform but comparatively, Instagram is the best among them, especially if you are looking to attract new audiences to your business. The reason for this is manifold.

Individual Invest a Ton of Energy on Instagram

This would come as no surprise to anyone that an unprecedented number of users are spending a lot of time surfing through the Instagram feed. As per SimilarWeb’s report, an average user spends around 53 minutes per day on the Instagram app. This is a staggering number.

And not just that the numbers certainly make a point, the growth in the average numbers of minutes spent on the Instagram app per day has seen a steady rise, projecting to overtake Facebook’s by the end of the year.

Instagram – The Perfect Platform to Grow your Business
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Instagram Drives Deal

Instagram as a social media platform has a higher transformation rate for deals than platforms like Polyvore, Pinterest and even Facebook for that matter. Visitors on the platform regularly go ahead and buy through Instagram and spend by large around $65 for purchases and services. Since Instagram is such a visual platform, it slices through the messiness and gives your items or services for that matter a chance to better represent themselves.

Visual Substance Rule

We all prefer visual data compare to the mess that is there otherwise. The simplicity and easiness present in the infographic are what everyone loves about them. Web-based clients are also a huge fan of visual substance. How frequently have you looked pasta million posts on your feed and halted at a photograph or video? The visual substance is said to be the standout regarding showcasing your business.

The Group of Onlookers on Instagram is Constantly Locked on

In spite of the fact Facebook is the most prevalent platform as of yet in terms of loyal followers, Instagram is not far behind. Top brands on Instagram are seeing a 4.21% commitment rate on their page which is far ahead of any platform right now.

It is Personal

Instagram provides the opportunity for your business to increase your fans’ intimacy with your brand by showing them behind the scenes looks at your company. You can show behind the studio scenes to your fans and more importantly to new potential clients to build the genuineness and trustworthiness that any brand aspires to create with their clients.

Harnessing Hashtag Power

Instagram has one the best algorithm for Hashtag search on its platform. Hashtags are a great way to get your posts–and brand–noticed in the vast universe that is Instagram. Around 80% of brand posts contain at least one hashtag, and the average brand post will have three.

Most brands are likely to use popular hashtags for their industry so their brand will come up often in people’s searches. However, some popular brands like Topshop and Gucci consistently use their brand hashtags to encourage users to adopt them in their posts, and they are not surprisingly among the top 10 hashtagged brands and top-10 most popular brands on Instagram.



If your business is not on Instagram, it should be, just like Studio Winterz. Instagram is beautifully simplistic and the most personal of the mobile platforms. It’s full of potential with people eager to connect with a brand on a more intimate and tangible level.

Whether you’ve been on the platform since its inception or are thinking about dipping your toes in, your business needs to utilize the potential of Instagram if they truly want to reach and resonate with their audience.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and what better way to tell your story than a thousand words at a time.

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