It’s almost 2019 and we all have a pretty good idea about social media and how it works, right? But according to a recent study about 96% online users that discuss brands online, do not follow those brand’s owned profiles. That is quite surprising honestly, especially the findings that the following of the younger age group is even lesser than that of their elder peers.

Social media has become a powerful tool in today’s market where any individual or brand can share piece of content all over the world in seconds to create brand awareness among their audience or even captivate new customers.

A Social Media Marketing can be as simple as a company having a blog for their audience, Brand’s Twitter account or even asking customers to subscribe to one’s YouTube channel. It can be complicated also, comprising full campaign that not only encompasses blogs but dedicated social media promotion campaigns including paid advertising.

Role of Social Media in Branding?

Social Media platforms are and will continue to be an essential tool for companies to build their brand. Social media allows a brand to make meaningful connections with their audience online. All the stats aside, social media allows brands to connect with their audiences on a sincere level – and this is a big deal. Customer loyalty is not only retained, especially in today’s market, by quality products and services but more importantly by resonating with their customers.

Take in the latest advertisement by Nike featuring Colin Kaepernick, most of Nike’s audience globally support the right to speech or protest – so Nike made it a point to distinguish themselves from their competitors by supporting Colin. Why would they do that? Simple – Brand Loyalty. By giving their brand a voice, a voice that resonates with most of their audience, they have set themselves apart for their competition – not in their apparels’ quality but in customer’s loyalty. And the result in showing worldwide with a considerable increase in their sales. Risk well paid off one would think.

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