What makes a Great Content Marketer?

It’s so easy to write a content for someone, isn’t it? That’s what we all used to do in our School Days in our essay classes, Writing content is not a big deal.That’s exactly what you are thinking and you couldn’t be more wrong about that though.

We can write a content but that’s where the similarities between a content writer and a good content writer end.

Not only a professional content writer has to consistently deliver but they have to write according to the demand of the market and their customer.

But what are the qualities that make a content writer a good one or maybe even great?

Well after some deliberation and spending some time discussing with my colleagues we find some basic qualities that all the content writer and marketer have.

Customer POV

A good content writer can always write the content according to the need of the customer even if it is against their point of view. For example, if you have to write a blog about the benefits of a dictatorship over the democracy, one can write about the swift decision making an ability that the democracy in overall lack. It doesn’t mean they agree with the same but that what’s make them great; that they can differentiate their own feelings from the task they have been given.


A content marketer is always in the research mode. They are consistently researching the new trends, slangs and are always learning new things.

They are first and foremost a learner and continue to learn new things irrespective of what they are. That’s the mark of a great content marketer. One must always stay up to date with the today’s market.

A Jack of all trades

A good content marketer is always good for a lot of things. He is good with data and know how to use them in their blogs and not just in a way so that it is just sheet full with a number.

They know how to engage their viewers with a bit of witty humor if required. The contents should be written in the way so that the viewer is actively participating in the conversation. That’s right you read that right, you have to write in a way so that the viewer will think they are actually just having a face to face conversation with you.

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