Why IGTV is a game changer for your Brand

If you aren’t living under a rock (which surely you aren’t), you must have heard about the new sensation that is gripping the brands and influencers on Social Media alike. The IGTV is the new big boy in town to take on the dominance of YouTube in Video viewing platform. In fact, the user base for IGTV has long surpassed that of Vine, and that of other various other platforms like Dailymotion. There are various reasons (and there sure are many) for the rapid growth of IGTV in the past few months and why you so take IGTV into consideration for your future marketing strategy. Let’s look into some of the reasons why IGTV would be most beneficial for your brand not only in future but also now.

Fresh Look

Let’s be honest, we all have grown tired of the same old format YouTube has for the past decade. The last time YouTube has done significant changes in their UI was in 2008, exactly 10 years ago. They still have the same visual identity that they have for the past ten years. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good – they still are, and just by sheer number of video on their platform they will continue to the dominant player in video consumption for a considerable future, but their visual identity, that is still stuck in the past, will be more of hindrance as more and more people will look into something new and has a serious potential to challenge YouTube’s might.

A one-stop shop for Video Marketing

Due to a significantly higher daily user base of Instagram to the likes of other Video Viewing and Sharing Platforms (Facebook and YouTube being the exception), Instagram provides a ready-made potion for instant success for your Brand. With literally over a billion user on its platform, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to connect with significant audience comparatively to other social platforms. And with a 60% increase in video surfing in its platform in 2017 compared to previous year shows a healthy future for IGTV.

Growing Ad Revenue

Over $5.5 Billion has been spent on Instagram ads, and in just in the first half of 2018, a 70% increase compared to the previous year. This mind-boggling stats indicated the faith & high ROI brands are getting from the platform. With the recent scandals facing its parent company, Instagram has come out largely intact with its reputation regarding users privacy, Instagram is and will continue to grow, eating the world of online content.

More time to market products

IGTV’s features are easy to use. Each public page’s Instagram account can create their own IGTV channel, whether they are a public personality or a company. Not only this gives one an opportunity to have free publicity, but the app is quite easy to use – you only need to have a smartphone to record content. That could definitely be a game-changer for companies who have a hard time explaining what they do, or who want to have a fresh start in the visual online communication. All of this, right from your smartphone.

Mobile video’s new identity

Ergonomic-wise, IGTV was launched a decade after YouTube. It makes sense that the interface is adapted for a younger crowd, yelling to interact and comment instantly with other users and hosts. And with most of the populous, not only the youth stream videos through smartphone device, it makes sense to make videos in the vertical format, so naturally tapped into that.

IGTV isn’t perfect and not ready to challenge YouTube’s dominance in the current environment, but with the potential to do so, it would be the height of stupidity to ignore it.

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